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Biden To Be Hit With 25th Amendment?


Time for Biden to go.

President Biden spent several days in Europe to help figure out a solution to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sadly however he did just the opposite and almost sparked World War III.

President Biden’s mistakes and feeble mind have become too much of a risk for the United States and now Fox’s Tucker Carlson is calling on lawmakers to use the 25th Amendment and impeach him.


During his wildly popular Fox segment, Carlson stated, “All right. Joke’s over, too much is at stake. If there was ever a time, if there was, in U.S. history, ever a time, to invoke the 25th Amendment, it is now. As Joe Biden himself put it, ‘For God’s sakes, this man cannot remain in power,’ for all of our sakes.”

At one point Carlson even hit President Biden called him out for not being able to remember Vice President Kamala Harris’ name.