Here’s what she said…

Nancy Pelosi, who has just been re-elected to be the Speaker of the House by fellow Democrats, has now declared that she will step down from her role in 2022 and not pursue the Speakership again.

According to the Washington Examiner, Pelosi made the pledge to no longer be the House Speaker over two years ago.

I will abide by those limits,” Pelosi said in vague manner after being asked by reporters.

Pelosi went on to say, “If my husband is listening, don’t make me have to be more specific than that, because we never expected to have another term now. I consider this a gift. And I can’t wait to be working with Joe Biden and preparing us for our transition into the future.”

While we cannot predict what will happen in the future, we do know that power hungry Nancy Pelosi has gone back on her promises in the past and it’s unlikely that she would hand over her control to anyone else.

Will Pelosi Ever Step Down As House Speaker?


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