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PROOF: Biden Doesn’t Care About Jan 6th


Nobody cares. Not even Joe.

Ever since the January 6th Capitol riot took place, Democrats have been holding speeches and all kinds of other acts every Jan 6th anniversary to make it appear more serious of an issue than it actually was.

Now it appears President Biden held a speech to remember January 6th 2021 and accidentally proved to everyone that he secretly doesn’t care!

According to Fox, during his speech to honor law enforcement officers and election officials for the events surrounding January 6th, 2021, President Biden showed how little he truly cared by accidentally referring to the date as “July 6th” not January 6th.


During his speech President Biden said, “You held the line that day and what was on the line was our democracy. And history will remember your names and remember your courage. But remember your bravery. Remember your extraordinary commitments to your fellow Americans. It’s not hyperbole. That’s a fact. That’s a fact.”

Biden added, “It’s not exaggeration to say America owes you, owes you all. I really mean this. A debt, a debt of gratitude, one we can never fully repay unless we live up to what you did live up to.”

Biden then humiliated himself and all the Democrats and said, “If I can halt for a second and just say to you the impact what happened on July 6 had international repercussions beyond what I think any of you can fully understand.”