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Biden Faces Organized Crime Charges?

Will Biden ever be brought to justice?

Proving the existence of pay-for-play influence peddling can be a complex task, but Representative James Comer, a member of the House Oversight Committee from Kentucky, believes he can gather compelling evidence against President Joe Biden without a doubt.

Newsmax reports that according to Comer, there have been six policy decisions, four of which were made during Biden’s presidency, that can only be explained by the president’s compromised position. In an interview with “The Cats Roundtable,” he expressed concerns about the Biden family’s extensive financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party, implying that these connections have influenced certain policy decisions.

Comer, who is leading the oversight investigations into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, has consistently characterized their activities as “influence peddling.” While influence peddling itself is not a crime unless it involves tax evasion, it could potentially be considered bribery and therefore impeachable for a president.

The congressman described the Biden family’s business as an organized criminal enterprise that aimed to capitalize on Joe Biden’s influence as vice president and his potential future influence as president. Comer specifically highlighted the Chinese Communist Party’s interest in investing in various American industries, including defense manufacturing, and how the Bidens allegedly facilitated these efforts.

Comer also mentioned the substantial income generated from the family’s foreign business dealings, estimating it could exceed $30 million. He stated that he is confident the figure is at least $17 million and wouldn’t be surprised if it reached $30 million. However, he acknowledged that the complex web of transactions involving shell companies with undisclosed owners could make it challenging to trace the actual revenue and potentially evade taxation or scrutiny from authorities.

According to Comer, the alleged influence-peddling and payments extend beyond China and involve countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Middle Eastern nations, and even rare-earth miners in Africa. He hinted at potential connections between Hunter Biden and these entities, emphasizing that Hunter Biden denied profiting from those relationships but leaving the door open for further investigation to confirm the veracity of his claim.