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Biden Packing Supreme Court

You won’t believe what just happened.

In an absolutely stunning turn of events, the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court has just voted unanimously to approve their final report to expand the Supreme Court and have sent it President Biden’s desk for a decision.

Biden initially claimed that he was not in favor or packing the Supreme Court. However, after Democrats in his party threw a fit about it, Biden decided to form a commission to examine whether or not they should.

What’s funny about all of this is that while the commission did not come to a final answer of whether or not they should pack the Supreme Court, they did create a summary of arguments (sort of like a pros vs cons list) and sent that to Biden instead.

According to Yahoo, the report which was sent to Biden said, “Given the size and nature of the Commission and the complexity of the issues addressed, individual members of the Commission would have written the Report with different emphases and approaches. But the Commission submits this Report today in the belief that it represents a fair and constructive treatment of the complex and often highly controversial issues it was charged with examining.”

The report then noted, “No serious person, in either major political party, suggests court packing as a means of overturning disliked Supreme Court decisions, whether the decision in question is Roe v. Wade or Citizens United. Scholars could say, until very recently, that even as compared to other court reform efforts, ‘court-packing’ is especially out of bounds. This is part of the convention of judicial independence.”

Now, it’s President Biden’s decision of whether or not he will pack the Supreme Court.