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Biden Responsible For Southwest Catastrophe?

Americans are fighting back against Biden and the tyrannical Democrats.

You may have already heard about the thousands upon thousands of Southwest flights being cancelled over the weekend.

Sadly, things continued to get worse on Monday as even more flights were cancelled.

Rumors began circulating that these random flight cancelations began happening after President Biden encouraged all major airlines to enforce vaccine mandates on all of their employees, who as a result, began going on strike forcing planes to be stuck on runways.

Southwest aggressively denied that their vaccine mandates caused the flight delays and claimed that it was due to bad weather.

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However, records indicate that their competitors had little to no flight delays or cancelations while southwest was forced to cancel several which made many Americans suspicious.

While most of the mainstream media does not want to cover the finer details of this story, a lot of information is circulating on social media from people who are personally experiencing these problems or know people with more information:

Additonally, more information is surfacing about the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association filing a lawsuit against Southwest for forcing the vaccine on Americans.

According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit read, The new vaccine mandate unlawfully imposes new conditions of employment and the new policy threatens termination of any pilot not fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021. Southwest Airlines’ additional new and unilateral modification of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement is in clear violation of the RLA.


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