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PROOF: Biden Abusing Tax Payer Money

PROOF: Biden Abusing Tax Payer Money

This is a nightmare, Biden is burning American tax dollars!

The southern border is completely in shambles and U.S. border patrol agents don’t have a leg to stand on. They are currently getting overwhelmed by the monumental influx of migrants and are desperate for support and President Biden has now just been exposed for making matters worse!

Fox News recently dropped bombshell video footage of over $100 million worth of already taxpayer funded border wall material that is just sitting at the border and rusting away.

What’s even worse is that President Biden can have these materials built to finish the border wall and help border patrol agents create points of entry where they can more easily apprehend migrants pouring in but he simply refuses.

According to the New York Post, Fox’s drone footage captured around ten thousand steel border panels that can be used to create over 100 miles of border wall and it has simply been discarded in Pharr, Texas, and is rusting away.

Remember, these materials are already paid for by your tax dollars and Biden is letting it go to waste!


Having these materials used to build the border wall would significantly reduce the influx of migrants but Biden refuses to do so. SAD.