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New Biden Scandal Shocks Americans


Could this end Biden’s presidency?

In a shocking new discovery which has absolutely rocked Biden’s White House, it has been learned that a Chinese spy balloon actually crashed into the Pacific just off the coast of Hawaii four months ago!

President Biden didn’t tell anyone about this and Americans are rightfully speechless.

According to Fox, this new discovery comes after news of the most recent spy balloon was shot down. The White House is claiming that President Biden simply followed the advice of the Pentagon and other military leaders.


The Biden administration has claimed that Chinese surveillance balloons have also entered U.S. airspace while Donald Trump was in office but did not provide any proof.

Trump has denied allowing any balloons into U.S. air space and a number of his top officials have also said that same thing.

It’s shocking to learn that a spy balloon crash landed off the coast of Hawaii and didn’t make the news whatsoever or was very lightly reported on.