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Biden Taking Away Christianity From Americans

Biden Taking Away Christianity From Americans


Why would Biden do this just before Christmas?

In a shocking turn of the event the Pentagon has decided that under Biden’s Presidency they will now remove Bible passages from faith-based dog tags that also have military trademarks on them.

What a joke.

According to Fox, Shields of Strength, the company behind this, has been doing this for 20 years now but after just one complaint the Pentagon has decided to block their ability from doing so for American soldiers. President Biden has not spoken on the issue as of yet.


The Department of Defense’s policy noted, “DoD marks may not be licensed for any purpose intended to promote ideological movements, sociopolitical change, religious beliefs (including non-belief), specific interpretations of morality, or legislative/statutory change.”

General counsel for First Liberty Institute stated, “It’s a cruel insult to our service members to deny them a source of inspiration, hope, and encouragement simply because it contains a religious message.”

President Biden has the ability to reverse this decision, will he?