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Biden Uses Thanksgiving To Smear MAGA

It’s not surprising to see Biden using Thanksgiving to spread hate.

President Joe Biden’s campaign strategically unveiled a comprehensive guide aimed at refuting what they characterized as “baseless MAGA claims” during the festive Thanksgiving gatherings, a move that juxtaposed Biden’s earlier plea for national unity. Speaking on NBC’s “Today” show against the backdrop of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Biden articulated a compelling message, encouraging Americans to unite and direct their collective efforts toward addressing shared challenges.

According to Newsmax, in his televised address, Biden underscored the nation’s remarkable progress and emphasized the boundless potential achievable through collaborative endeavors. Expressing gratitude for the country and extending thanks to essential workers, including firefighters, police officers, first responders, and troops stationed abroad, he painted a vision of a united America focused on shared values.

Nevertheless, the Biden campaign adopted a more assertive approach by concurrently releasing a “handy guide for responding to unfounded MAGA claims this Thanksgiving” on their Biden-Harris HQ social media platform. This strategic move seemed aimed at equipping supporters with fact-based arguments to counter potential narratives that might arise during family gatherings.

The guide not only provided key facts highlighting significant achievements during Biden’s tenure, such as the creation of nearly 14 million jobs, including 800,000 in the manufacturing sector, but also anticipated and offered rebuttals for potential statements that could be made by supporters of former President Donald Trump. For instance, it preemptively addressed claims about the economy by asserting, “Wrong. Trump had the worst jobs record of any president since the Great Depression.”

This nuanced approach from the Biden campaign reflects a dual strategy: one emphasizing unity and common ground in Biden’s public addresses and another taking a more proactive stance in addressing and countering potential opposition narratives through the release of the comprehensive guide. The overarching theme remains the importance of fostering unity and decency while navigating the diverse landscape of political opinions within the American populace.