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Biden Under Investigation


Biden is done for.

House Republicans who are set to win by a landslide in the November elections are already preparing to launch countless investigations against President Biden and his administration to address the injustices which have been committed since Biden took office.

According to Newsmax, Republican Lawmakers are going to begin investigating a number of issues including Biden’s son, Biden’s actions at the southern border, the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan and much more.

What’s even better is that the Republicans are also planning on investigating why the Democrats formed that January 6th Select Committee and even the origins of COVID-19.


While the midterm elections are still months away, Republicans are not sitting idle and top Republicans such as Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and others are already setting up their gameplan.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong explained, “I’ve been really impressed with leadership — both from [Rep.] Jim [Jordan], from [Rep.] Jamie Comer, from Kevin’s office — in already starting to talk about that.”

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise explained, “I think it’s really going to be focused on holding the Biden administration accountable and getting answers. … It is going to be a lot of intense oversight.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan added, “The American people deserve to know where the virus started. The American people need to know the Justice Department is so political, it’s treating moms and dads as domestic terrorists who show up at school board meetings.”