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Biden Falls Victim To Elderly Abuse

Jill Biden needs to urge Biden to retire but is doing the exact opposite.

According to a report by Axios, some individuals within the White House have expressed concerns that President Joe Biden may not fully grasp the perception of his age by the public. Despite the president frequently sharing with friends and family that he feels much younger than his years, an unnamed former official stated that voters are genuinely worried about his age, and simply denying these concerns is insufficient.

Polls indicate that over 70% of voters harbor apprehensions about Biden, aged 81, potentially serving a second term, leading to tension among his team. Biden reportedly tends to resist acknowledging his physical limitations, often pushing for more travel and events than his advisors recommend. This approach sometimes results in a cycle where he exhausts himself, subsequently appearing fatigued during public engagements.

Criticism from some quarters suggests that Biden’s scheduling decisions contribute to the challenges he faces. Despite his sensitivity to age-related criticism, the president has implemented changes in recent months to maintain good health, such as using shorter stairs on Air Force One and opting for more comfortable footwear.

The age issue has become a prominent aspect of the 2024 campaign, with even some Democrats questioning Biden’s suitability. Former President Donald Trump, a likely candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has consistently asserted that Biden is too old for the job.

First lady Jill Biden and her staff play a role in shaping the president’s schedule, with the Bidens reportedly monitoring each other’s schedules for balance. In his memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” Biden revealed that Jill expressed concerns about his workload, emphasizing the toll it was taking on his health.