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VIDEO: Biden Tells Victims To Get Lost


Biden really doesn’t care does he?

President Joe Biden’s response to a reporter’s inquiry about his absence at the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment site has gained widespread attention online, sparking significant criticism.

According to the Washington Examiner, the question arose while President Biden was in Live Oak, Florida, assessing the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. East Palestine, Ohio had experienced a train derailment in February, resulting in fiery rail cars and the subsequent controlled burn, which released hazardous substances like hydrogen chloride and phosgene into the atmosphere.

President Biden explained that he hasn’t been able to visit the site because of his demanding international obligations, stating that he’s had to travel extensively. However, his remarks were met with harsh online condemnation.

Tommy Piggott, the Research Communications Director of the Republican National Committee, pointed out, “Joe Biden has taken 75 vacation days in the past six months, with 19 of them in August alone,” in response to the video.


RNC spokesperson Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, on the platform formerly known as Twitter, added, “You’re currently on vacation, AGAIN! Ohioans have lost faith in your claimed ’empathy’ and your visit to East Palestine.”

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) also joined the criticism, quipping, “Like ski trips and beach vacations? Yeah, you’ve been incredibly busy.”

The Biden family had originally planned to spend Labor Day weekend at their Delaware home near Rehoboth Beach, prompting the president to depart for the beach from Florida. Additionally, Hunter Biden, his wife Melissa Cohen, their son Beau, and First Lady Jill Biden had recently taken a vacation in Lake Tahoe during the congressional recess last month.

President Biden had also visited Maui due to the wildfires on the island. However, his delayed response to the fires, waiting two weeks after they initially broke out in early August, drew scrutiny.