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Biden Tells Voters To Get Lost

How on earth is this our president?

New Hampshire voters are expressing frustration with President Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for sidelining the Granite State in the 2024 primary process, leading to discontent over the absence of Biden’s name on the ballot.

Biden and the DNC’s decision to kick off the Democratic Party’s primary process in South Carolina instead of New Hampshire has sparked a backlash among voters who feel neglected by this strategic move. Some have suggested a write-in campaign to prevent any surprises from primary challengers Dean Phillips or Marianne Williamson.

However, not all New Hampshire voters support this proposal. One voter voiced their anger, questioning why they should write in Biden’s name when he doesn’t seem to acknowledge their concerns. Another emphasized the significance of the Democratic primary in the state, contradicting the DNC’s dismissal of its relevance.

The Democratic National Committee’s assertion that the Democratic primary in New Hampshire is neither relevant nor real has been met with skepticism by voters who view it as baseless. Representative Dean Phillips, a moderate from Minnesota, initiated his campaign against Biden in October, investing substantial personal funds in what critics perceive as a challenging endeavor. With Biden absent from the ballot, concerns have arisen that Phillips could gain momentum in the race.

Phillips, responding to questions about his expected performance in the New Hampshire primary, tempered expectations, stating that reaching the 20s in percentage would be an extraordinary accomplishment. However, recent polls suggest he falls short of that goal, standing at 10% in a University of New Hampshire/CNN survey.

In contrast, 63% of respondents in the poll indicated they would write in Biden’s name. Former New Hampshire congressional candidate Matt Mowers anticipates Phillips performing better than expected but cautions that it wouldn’t result in an upset for the incumbent president.

Biden faces challenges regarding age, mental acuity, and declining support. Some Democrats worry about his ability to compete against former President Trump, with suggestions from left-wing operatives urging him to step aside. As concerns grow, the outcome of the New Hampshire primary is seen as a potential message about Democratic Party activists’ frustration and dissatisfaction with the administration.