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Biden’s Border In Critical State

Has everything gotten worse since Joe Biden became president? Clearly it has but now its getting even worse!

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, is urging President Biden to wield his executive authority in implementing stringent measures to address the ongoing migrant crisis at the U.S. southern border. Johnson emphasizes the severe consequences of the open border, citing the human tragedy experienced by migrants and American citizens alike. He points out that during FY2023, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized an alarming amount of fentanyl, leading to a surge in fentanyl-related deaths among Americans aged 18-45.

In a letter to President Biden, Johnson highlights the devastating impact on local communities, citing cases of human trafficking, cartel activities, and the illegal entry of terrorists and dangerous criminals into the country. Johnson contends that the current situation has left the nation more susceptible to terrorist attacks on its homeland. He attributes these challenges to the administration’s policies, including the termination of the Remain in Mexico policy, reinstatement of catch-and-release, suspension of asylum cooperative agreements, and halting border wall construction.

Johnson specifically calls for the issuance of an executive order empowering border agents to turn back or detain all illegal aliens encountered between ports of entry. He also urges a significant reduction in parole authority for migrants. Additionally, he demands the reinstatement of the controversial Remain in Mexico policy, reinforcement of expedited removal processes, and the resumption of border wall construction.

To leverage their stance, Republicans in the House and Senate have compelled the White House to engage in negotiations on border security by withholding support for Biden’s $110 billion supplemental aid package. This package includes funding for Ukraine, Israel, and other causes, but Republicans argue that meaningful policy changes are necessary for the allocated border funds. Johnson asserts that House Republicans will not support Ukraine funding unless the Senate takes up their prominent border security bill, known as H.R. 2.