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Dark Truth Revealed About Chinese Spy Balloon


This is teriffying.

On Saturday U.S. officials spoke to Fox News about the recent Chinese spy balloon that had been shot down from the sky last month. In their more recent statement officials maintained that any signals or electronic intelligence that might have potentially been gathered by the balloon as it traversed through the United States was of “limited intelligence value” and that there had been actions taken by the administration in order to limit the available data that Beijing might have been able to collect while the balloon was sailing over sensitive sites.

These latest comments come after an NBC News report from this morning in which it was speculated that the balloon had been able to gather data and intel from many sensitive American military sites despite the Biden administration’s attempts to prevent the acquisition of this data.


The report on NBC had been based on information that had been provided by two current senior U.S. officials and a former senior Biden administration official, who had claimed that China had been able to control the balloon as it passed through multiple sensitive sites. It is also alleged that Beijing would have been able to acquire the data in real-time.

The balloon had ultimately been shot down off the coast of South Carolina, but by that time it had already crossed through a large part of what is considered the continental U.S. The debris from the destroyed balloon has for the most part been recovered from the ocean.