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Democrats Fire Americans For Illegals


Americans are getting put 2nd yet again.

The city of Denver unveiled a controversial plan on Monday aimed at addressing its ongoing migrant crisis by potentially slashing hours for certain employees, according to a report by local NBC affiliate 9News.

In an effort to redirect funds toward managing the strain imposed by the city’s migrant influx, Denver officials are considering cutting $4.3 million from the Parks and Recreation department’s budget. This move would have significant repercussions for hourly on-call staff, including lifeguards, coaches, and front desk personnel.

Jolon Clark, the director of Denver Parks and Recreation, outlined the proposed budget cuts in a recent statement, explaining that reductions in operational hours and programs could result in some employees seeing their work hours reduced to zero. While final decisions regarding individual positions have yet to be made, the prospect of severe hour reductions looms over many on-call workers.


Acknowledging the potential financial hardship facing affected employees, the city assured them of their eligibility to apply for unemployment benefits if their hours are cut. Despite the looming prospect of substantial workforce changes, Mayor Mike Johnston has refrained from labeling the situation as layoffs, emphasizing the distinction during a press conference on February 9.

During the emotionally charged press briefing, Mayor Johnston criticized the federal government for what he perceived as inadequate support in addressing the migrant crisis. He expressed disappointment over the Senate’s failure to pass a bipartisan border bill, attributing it to partisan gridlock in Washington.

Mayor Johnston has been vocal about the significant financial toll the migrant crisis is exacting on the city, estimating costs of around $180 million for the current year alone. He has repeatedly urged lawmakers to work together to find viable solutions to the ongoing challenges.

Despite the gravity of the situation, neither the mayor’s office nor the Denver Parks and Recreation department responded immediately to requests for comment from Fox News Digital. The unfolding developments underscore the complex and pressing nature of the migrant crisis facing Denver and other cities across the nation.