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Democrats Caught Lying About Border


Are these people really this stupid?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is absolutely overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, is now blaming the federal government for the southern border crisis and a number of lawmakers are now calling him out about it.

According to Fox, Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis recently sat down with reporters where he absolutely condemned Adams’ comments about the border and told him to wake up and realize that President Biden is behind the problems.

Malliotakis slammed Mayor Adams and said, “The mayor is right in the sense that he’s saying this is a national crisis, but he needs to say that is a national crisis created by Joe Biden. Joe Biden put in place the policies via executive order that created this mess. This was not happening under President Trump. It was not happening under President Obama, and it has reached a record high.”

Adams decided to visit the southern border recently where claiming that the United States was dealing with national crisis and demanded more federal aid to fix the issues.


Adams attacked the government but not President Biden and said, “We are not pointing the finger at El Paso, we are not pointing the finger at Houston, we’re pointing the finger where we should be pointing, and that’s our national government. This is a national problem. We must have real immigration reform.”

Malliotakis condemned Adams and said, “The mayor also has incentivized illegal immigration. You saw yesterday how people were saying they want to go to New York City with the mayor because they hear that New York City is housing the migrants, and they’re providing for their needs.”

Mayor Adams has decided to house the migrants in hotels in New York City on the taxpayers dime and even the hotel employees and people in the surrounding area are dealing with the issues Adams and Biden created.

It is costing $650,000 per night which is being billed to the American taxpayers.