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Dems Make Voting Difficult For Republicans


This is very interesting.

It appears now that the mainstream media and Democrats are ruthlessly attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for easing voter rules in parts of Florida that was hit hardest by Hurricane Ian because those areas are where more conservative voters live.

Funny, it’s almost like they don’t want conservatives to be able to vote in the upcoming election.

According to Fox, DeSantis signed an emergency executive order that allowed more mail-in ballot access and allowed earlier voting to counties that were heavily affected by Hurricane Ian.

While the decision to expand voting access was aimed at assisting thousands of displaced citizens, the media is claiming that DeSantis is trying to influence the midterm elections.


After the decision was announced Washington Post reporter Lori Rozsa tore into DeSantis and said that the counties DeSantis loosed voting rules for were overwhelmingly Republican.

“More than 450,000 voters in Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota are registered as Republicans, compared with 265,000 Democrats and nearly 290,000 affiliated with no party,” Rozsa wrote.

The Guardian’s Gloria Oladipo also hit DeSantis and said, “Governor Ron DeSantis has made voting easier in certain Florida counties battered by Hurricane Ian – but only Republican-leaning ones.”

These people were victims of a category 4 storm. They deserve the right to vote.