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Americans Demand This From Biden And Dems


Both Republican and Democrat voters finally see eye to eye.

The American public has had it with the constant and never ending border problems caused by President Biden and the Democrats.

Now, more people than ever are calling for a coast-to-coast border wall which Trump initially promised and they want it finished.

According to the Washington Examiner, a new I&I/TIPP poll has found that voters are very unhappy with the fact that an astounding 2 million illegal immigrants have crossed over into the United States and now think Republicans know how to fix the issues.


They also said that Biden should stop preventing the completion of the border wall as well.

The analysis explained, “Among Republican voters, support is very strong, with 85% favoring and just 11% opposing. Independents support it: 47% to 37%. Even Democrats show surprisingly strong support for building a wall: While 48% oppose it, 45% support it.”

President Biden and every Democrat in his administration know that they need the wall finished if they want to stop illegal border crossings. The only question here is if they will prove Trump right by finishing it.