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GOP Says Biden To Win In 2024


Here’s what happened…

Former President Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney slammed Trump and said that the only way President Biden will win re-election in 2024 is if Trump runs because he would lose to Biden again.

According to Insider, during an interview Mulvaney said that there was several high-profile Republicans who would have far better chances at winning other than Donald Trump.


“Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, go down the list — folks that could give us the same policies, the same energy, same defense of the middle class that Donald Trump gave us, without the baggage,” Mulvaney boldly stated.

Mulvaney then said, “If the election were today, and Joe Biden was the nominee for the Democrats, with Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom — there’s probably only one mainstream Republican who could lose, and that’s Donald Trump.”

Mulvaney believes that the Jan 6 Committee accomplished their goal which was to damage Trump too far politically to allow him to run again successfully. “I don’t know if that’s what they want to accomplish — I sort of thought that they wanted to. To the extent that they wanted to wound him politically, I think that’s happened.”