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GOP Shocker: Republicans Run Away From Trump


Trump needs support from voters.

If President Biden and the Democrats were hoping that Trump would lose support from the GOP voter base following the Mar-a-Lago raid, they may have achieved their goal.

According to Newsweek, support for former President Donald Trump appears to be dwindling as his legal troubles continue to get worse.

A new poll conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post has found that Trump has had a sharp decline in support and popularity among conservative voters.


The poll found that 47 percent of Republican and conservative-leaning independent voters say they still support former President Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee in 2024. However they poll found that a whopping 46 percent are against the idea of Trump running again.

Then in a hypothetical matchup of President Biden vs Trump in 2024, the poll found that Biden pulled ahead slightly of Trump as well 48-to-46.

ABC News referred to this slight lead by Biden as “essentially tied.” It is unclear what will happen in 2024 however former President Donald Trump appears to be very interested in running again.

Democrats may be looking to replace Biden in 2024 however nothing has been revealed yet.