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Hillary Compares Trump To Who?


This is disgusting.

Just when Democrats couldn’t get anymore terrible, failed 2016 presidential candidate and top Democrat Hillary Clinton went as far as comparing Trump rallies to the rallies Hitler held.

During a recent event, Hillary shocked everyone and stated,  I remember as a young student trying to figure out how did people get basically drawn in by Hitler?”

Hillary then asked, “How did that happen? And I’d watch news reels and I’d see this guy standing up there and ranting and raving, people shouting and raising their arms. What’s happened to these people? Why do they believe that?”

She then said, “You saw the rally in Ohio the other night. Trump is there ranting and raving for more than an hour and you have these rows of young men with their arms raised. And I thought, what is going on?”

Absolutely disgusting.


This is type of propaganda the left is pushing and it’s disgusting. They will say anything to keep Trump out of office in 2024.