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VIDEO: Judge Rigs Case Against Trump

This is insane!

In a recent revelation, the judge presiding over one of former President Donald Trump’s legal disputes in New York has admitted that he faces challenges in completely setting aside his own emotions when making legal rulings. This disclosure was made during a video interaction with law students at Queensborough Community College in Bayside, New York, and involves Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court’s first district.

According to Newsmax, during the discussion, Judge Engoron pondered the distinction between following established legal principles and potentially influencing the law through his rulings. He acknowledged the difficulty of completely divorcing his personal emotions from the judicial process, despite his role as an impartial referee in the courtroom. However, he also emphasized that he possesses various strategies to handle emotionally charged situations during court proceedings.

One such strategy involves meticulously highlighting the differences between seemingly similar cases to demonstrate their distinct legal implications. Judge Engoron illustrated this approach by presenting a hypothetical scenario where a minor detail, like the color of clothing worn by a defendant, could differentiate one case from another. He emphasized that such distinctions can play a crucial role in legal precedent.

Furthermore, he emphasized that certain contextual factors, such as the educational background of a party involved in a contract, can significantly impact the determination of whether that contract is legally binding.

This admission regarding the challenge of remaining completely impartial comes to light following an incident where Judge Engoron reprimanded Trump’s legal team during the cross-examination of Donald Bender, a former accountant for the Trump Organization. Engoron cautioned against wasting time and limited the scope of questions directed at Bender regarding his opinions on the organization’s financial statements.

It’s worth noting that Judge Engoron recently issued a ruling concluding that Donald Trump had engaged in fraudulent activities by inflating the value of his assets, a decision likely to be subject to an appeal. He now presides over the remaining aspects of the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.