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Biden Family Member Thrown Out Of White House


Does President Biden even care?

Commander, the German shepherd belonging to President Biden, has been relocated from the White House premises due to a series of biting incidents and aggressive behavior.

According to Fox, Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for First Lady Jill Biden, expressed the President and First Lady’s concern for the safety of White House staff and those who protect them daily. She acknowledged their gratitude for the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service and others involved in addressing the situation. At present, Commander is not present on the White House campus, as they evaluate the next steps to take.

The most recent incident involved Commander biting a Secret Service agent on the White House grounds last month. This event marked the 11th known incident of Commander biting White House or Secret Service personnel. Judicial Watch, a conservative legal activist group, had previously obtained reports documenting 10 other incidents of Commander’s aggressive behavior from October 2022 through January 2023.


Furthermore, CNN reported that there were additional biting incidents that went unreported. Internal Secret Service communications, revealed by the New York Post, indicated that one serious incident in November 2022 resulted in a Secret Service officer being referred to the White House physician’s office for treatment after being bitten by Commander on the thigh and arm.

Additionally, the Daily Mail reported a recent incident in which Commander allegedly bit White House grounds superintendent Dale Haney. However, Alexander clarified that in this case, the dog’s actions were considered playful, leaving no marks, only some dog slobber.

When asked about potential legal concerns related to Commander’s behavior, White Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referred inquiries to the Secret Service or the first lady’s office.

Commander’s removal from the White House follows the departure of the Bidens’ previous dog, Major, another German shepherd with a history of aggressive behavior, including biting White House and Secret Service staff. Major was eventually sent to live with friends in Delaware.