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Kamala’s Stupidity Caught On Video


Kamala really shouldn’t be the Vice President.

It seems like every time Vice President Kamala Harris speaks publicly she completely humiliates herself and it looks like she just did it again.

According to Fox, Kamala decided to take part in the Congressional Space Medal of Honor ceremony to honor former astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken.

Kamala took the podium to commend the former astronauts for their bravery and experience where she once again humiliated herself by sounding like a 5-year-old child wrote her speech for her.

Kamala confidently stood there and foolishly explained, “Which brings me to May 30, 2020. Bob and Doug returned to the Kennedy Space Center. They suited up. They waved to their families, and they rode an elevator up nearly 20 stories. They strapped in to their seats and waited as the tanks beneath filled with tens of thousands of gallons of fuel. And then they launched. Yeah, they did.”

People on Twitter immediately roasted Kamala Harris for sounding like a child trying to explain what those astronauts did. Columnist Derek Hunter even wrote, “Who is she speaking to? I have to assume it’s a group of 3-year-old closed head injury sufferers, right?”

Sadly, every time Kamala Harris speaks it sounds like someone who is acting like they know what they are doing and what’s even worse is that this is our Vice President.

President Biden has called Harris a “work in progress” in the past and it seems like he has never been more right. Kamala is a work in progress however very little progress is ever being made.