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Liberal Media’s Racist Attack On Top Republican


These people are sick.

The mainstream media loves to call all Republican racist however nobody seems care even in the slightest when they themselves resort to disgusting racism.

According to Fox News, mainstream media giants such CNN, ABC, MSNBC and others reacted to Republican Nikki Haley announcing her 2024 presidential run and acted disturbingly racist towards her for being an Indian female who is running in the Republican party.

The Daily Beast’s Wajahat Ali even went as far as calling Haley a “token”. Ali took to Twitter and wrote, “In the 2023 Racial Draft, I, on behalf of all self-respecting South Asians, hereby announce we are cutting Nikki Nimrata Haley from our team. We advise you not to pick her up off waivers. Oops! Too late. GOP scoops up another token. Well, we warned you. Good luck!”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid shockingyly attack Haley for converting to Christianity. Reid smeared Haley and said, “And she’s had this sort of — she talks about her Indian American heritage, but she focuses not on her Sikh background, but on her conversion to Christianity. She’s definitely trying to fit in.”

ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg attack Haley for “just finding out” that America isn’t perfect and said, “So Nikki, you know, since you have been asleep all this time, and you just woke up, you’re just finding out that there are things about our country that are not perfect. And for us to pretend that it is and that nothing happened is ridiculous. So you’re not saying anything new.” 

Another Twitter user attack Nikki Haley for not using her real name which is Nimrata and said, “Kind of a weird take from someone who refuses to use her actual first name, “Nimrata,” because it’s too brown-person-sounding.”