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McConnell Booted From GOP


McConnell must go.

Former President Donald Trump has called upon the Republican Party to boot Senator Mitch McConnell from his position as the Senate minority leader. Trump went as far as accusing McConnell of being a “pawn for the Democrats.”

According to The Hill, Trump’s comments came after he read a story from The Federalist regarding Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao and their alleged ties to China.

Trump slammed McConnell and said, “Mitch McConnell is not an Opposition Leader, he is a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want. He is afraid of them, and will not do what has to be done. A new Republican Leader in the Senate should be picked immediately!”


Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump also slammed McConnell for bad mouthing his endorsed candidates by calling them “low quality.”

Trump later took aim at McConnell’s wife personally and said that she was his “crazy wife” and that she was “Coco.”

“I think we’re going to do very well,” Trump later added. “We need good leadership. Mitch McConnell has not done a great job — I think they should change Mitch McConnell.”

Trump also accused McConnell of giving the “Radical Left the Trillions and Trillions of Dollars that they constantly DEMAND.”