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Pelosi’s Mental Breakdown On House Floor


Pelosi has lost her mind.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently lost her temper on the House floor and called out Republicans who are speaking out against the Inflation Reduction Act by saying that they are going against “Mother Earth.”

In transcript provided by Fox, frustrated Nancy Pelosi said, “To lower prescription drug costs, to lower health care costs, to reduce the deficit and paid-for to lower inflation, to save the planet – and every single Republican in the House and in the Senate voted against it.” 


Pelosi then doubled down on Republicans and said, “How could they vote against lowering prescription drug costs? How could they vote against helping families with their health care costs? How can they vote against the planet, Mother Earth? Mother Earth gets angry from time to time, and this legislation will help us address all of that.”

As you already know, House Democrats recently passed a $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act without a single Republican vote. This move by the Democrats have President Biden a major boost during shockingly high inflation.

Frustrated Republicans have stressed that this mass spending will do nothing to lower inflation and may even make it worse.