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Pelosi’s Replacement Revealed

Here’s what we know…

As you likely already know, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just announced that she will be relinquishing her leadership role after the Republican Party took control of the House. This means that a new leader will be named for the Democratic caucus.

Pelosi explained that she wants a new generation to step in and take the leadership role after her.

Now according to Yahoo News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Democrat Steny Hoyer, who is also retiring, have elected Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to take Pelosi’s leadership position moving forward.

If he is elected, Jeffries will be the first Black and first nonwhite party leader in the history of Congress.

Jeffries has been in the House since 2013 and recently defeated his Republican challenger Yuri Dashevsky with 72.4% of the vote.

Jeffries refers to himself as a “pragmatic progressive” who shares Pelosi’s willingness to promote more moderate members. He has even said, ā€œIā€™m a Nancy Pelosi Democrat.ā€

It is unclear if Jeffries will get Pelosi’s role however he definitely looks like the top candidate for the position.