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President Biden Lets Illegals Vacation On Your Dime


Look at what you and other taxpayers are paying for!

A Venezuelan migrant shared his positive experience at a temporary residence referred to as a “migrant hotel” located at the McCarren Play Center in New York City. This comes shortly after Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency due to the migrant crisis.

The individual, Miguel Mujica, aged 39, expressed his contentment with the accommodations to The New York Post, stating that they are treated well and face no restrictions on their activities. He recounted a recent visit to the pool with his family on a Sunday, noting that they enjoyed swimming without any issues. Mujica mentioned that he earns an income of $700 to $800 per week through off-the-books demolition and construction work.

According to Fox, around 80 adult asylum seekers are expected to be housed in a section of the recreation center. The public’s access to the pool and fitness center will reportedly remain unaffected, with additional security measures in place.


The influx of migrants has led to concerns among New York City lawmakers, as some individuals have resorted to sleeping on sidewalks in midtown Manhattan. Councilwoman Vickie Paladino raised alarm about the impact of illegal immigration on the city’s residents, describing the situation as “out of control.”

New York City currently shelters over 50,000 migrants, marking a widely publicized migrant crisis on the East Coast. Mayor Adams, recognizing the overcrowding, declared a state of emergency in August to address the issue. He emphasized the need to manage the situation locally and avoid the development of tent cities throughout the city.

In June, it was announced that the city had secured $104.6 million in funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for its Shelter and Services Program. This funding aims to support the city’s efforts to provide shelter and assistance to migrants.