Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Republican Warns Americans Of THIS

Here’s what he had to say.

Sen. Bill Hagerty slammed Democrats for pushing the $3.5 trillion spending bill stating that they are “waging war on American capitalists.” He added that President Joe Biden is in “lockstep” with the far-left of the Democratic party.

“It’s the biggest bait and switch I think that we’ve seen in American politics,” Hagerty declared. “If you look at how Joe Biden campaigned in 2020 as a moderate, as a centrist versus what we are getting, Bernie Sanders is the author of this $3.5 trillion socialist debt bomb that they’re unleashing.”

“You see, the Democratic Party — they are completely moved by the far-left wing of their party, and Joe Biden is going right along lockstep with them,” he continued. “This movement — look at the $3.5 trillion, which is probably north of $5 trillion, Steve. If you look at what they are trying to accomplish here, it is cradle to grave government dependency, just as you said: European-style socialism. What they’re going to do is shove more American jobs overseas. They’re going to kill the fossil fuel industry here. And they’re going to do this by waging war on American capitalists, on American job creators, on American entrepreneurs through the tax system.”


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