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Republicans Cut Ties With Trump


Is the GOP divided?

During the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas, it now appears that some Republican voters have grown distasteful of the idea of Donald Trump running again in 2024.

Fox News recently spoke with several attendees and found that a majority of voters wanted Trump to run again in 2024. Now it looks like the some voters believe that Trump may be too disruptive to hold office again.

According to Newsweek, NPR‘s Ashley Lopez found that some voters believed Trump was “too disruptive” to get the GOP nomination.

“I think he tapped into something in the American psyche that hadn’t been tapped into by either party, but he’s a problematic character,” on Pennsylvania Republican said.


“He’s a difficult person… there’s too much petty stuff. He’s too disruptive,” he added.

A Nebraska resident said she felt the same way and would prefer to have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis take over from where Trump left off in 2020. “There are some days where I think that would be great and other days where I think it is time to move on,” the voter explained.

“He has all of the bulldog of Donald Trump. Without the offensiveness,” the voter said referring to DeSantis.

It appears that Republican voters have identified that they are looking forward to having either Trump or DeSantis as the GOP’s 2024 nominee. Who it will be is yet to be decided but either way the GOP appears to be in good hands.