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Republicans Turn Up The Heat On Manhattan DA

The GOP is demanding answers.

On Friday (April 7), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), expanded the investigation into the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and asked to speak with one of the lead prosecutors in the investigation into the former President’s hush money case.

The letter, addressed to Matthew Colangelo, a former Justice Department attorney, requests that he hand over his correspondence with the DA’s office before he joined the investigation led by District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D).

In the letter, Jordan highlighted that Colangeko had previously held senior positions at the United States Department of Justice and the New York Attorney General, both of which had “competing investigations” into Trump.

Jordan explained that the request for Colangelo to comply with the Committee’s probe was based on his history of working with law enforcement units opposing President Trump and his decision to work alongside Bragg.

In the letter, Jordan asks Colangelo to provide any documents that describe the agency’s “motivation” or “interest” in adding him to the team, also asking Colangelo why he would be interested in taking the job.

Friday’s letter came a day after Jordan called out Mark Pomerantz, who resigned about a year ago amid differences with Bragg over the Trump case and wrote in a resignation letter published by the New York Times that he believed Trump was “guilty” of many “felony violations.”

Pomerantz suggested in the resignation letter that Bragg’s reluctance to press charges against Trump was “misguided” and completely against “public interest.”

In response to Jordan’s query, Bragg reprimanded the Republican lawmaker for “interfering” in a criminal case pending in state court.