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Five Republicans Challenging Trump


Here’s who will challenge Trump…

Former President Donald Trump has already hinted several times at running again in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump has made it clear to the GOP that if he does run again he wants to be given the nomination outright without having to challenge other Republicans like it is traditionally done.

According to The Hill, there are a number of Republicans looking to take the nomination away from Trump who believe they will be a better fit for the presidency in 2024.

Here is a list of Republicans who will most likely run against Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination:


Ron DeSantis – DeSantis has said a number of time already that he believes he will not run against Trump in 2024. However, many top Republicans are urging DeSantis to run because they believe he would be the best fit for the presidency in 2024.

Mike Pompeo – Pompeo was one Trump’s top officials when he was in office and was his former Secretary of State. When asked about running in 2024 Pompeo said, “The Pompeos have always used the simple fact of do you believe this is the moment where you think you can best serve America, this is the place you can have the most impact. That will be how we make our decision in the end.”

Larry Hogan – It is well known that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has not gotten along with former President Donald Trump ever since he was the president. So it is not surprising that he would try to challenge Trump in 2024 to prevent him from taking the presidency again.

Ted Cruz – Cruz already challenged Trump in 2016 and failed. After Trump won the presidency Cruz grew close to Trump and became one of his closest allies. Cruz has repeatedly said that his 2016 loss to Trump has not discouraged him from running again.

Mike Pence – Pence has already stated that he is strongly considering a 2024 run. His relationship with Trump has soured since the loss in 2020 and it looks like they have not been able to salvage it yet. Pence will likely run against Trump as well in 2024.