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Trump Announces 2024 Run


Here’s what happened…

Many top political experts and Republicans now believe that former President Donald Trump is closer than ever before to announcing his third official run for the presidency in 2024.

According to Fox, While most candidates don’t announce a run for the presidency until one year before the election, several Republican strategists are now suggesting that Trump is prepared to announce his 2024 run.

Republican strategist Scott Jennings explained, There’s some evidence that some Republican voters are trying to slow-walk from Donald Trump. If you’re in his shoes, you have to try to put that fire out. Because the more it burns.”


Trump could easily erase the bad publicity of the recent Jan. 6 hearings by announcing his run for presidency.

Some anti-Trump republicans such as Governor Larry Hogan believe Trump will lose badly if he runs again in 2024. Hogan stated, “His approval among Republican primary voters has already been somewhat diminished. Trump was the least popular president in American history until Joe Biden.”

With the way Biden has been running things, many believe that it does not matter what Republican is nominated for the upcoming presidential election. The Democrats have done too much damage already and the GOP is destined for a major win.