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Sanders To Replace Biden?


This was unexpected.

Senator Bernie Sanders has just dropped a bombshell on his own party and confessed that he is not ruling out the idea of running again in 2024 against President Biden.

According to The Hill, after reporters asked Senator Sanders about a potential 2024, he responded, “That’s a big — you know, I haven’t made that decision.”


Sanders claims to be an independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats ran as a Democrat in 2016 before losing to Hillary Clinton. Then he ran again in 2020 and his own party threw him under the bus and forced him suspended his campaign before the primary giving Biden the win.

What’s even more interesting is when Sanders was asked about whether or not Biden should run again he simply responded “that’s his decision” but he didn’t give him his endorsement. 

Then when Sanders was asked about Biden’s age he replied, “Look, this is what I think. You can’t categorize everybody. You’re different than everybody, you know. We’re all different. We’ve got to look at the individual. But what I think we do, guys, is we look too much at race, at gender, at age. What does somebody stand for? What are their views? Do you agree with them?”