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Super Bowl Sunday in Jeopardy

Super Bowl Sunday in Jeopardy


This is Biden’s doing.

As you may already know, truckers in Canada have made international news by forming a Freedom Convoy to protest Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s abusive and overbearing vaccine mandates.

Now, it could be possible that a trucker protest is brewing in the United States and they could make headlines for themselves if they follow through and disrupt the upcoming Super Bowl in an attempt to fight back against President Biden’s vaccine mandates as well.

According to Fox, White House Press Secretary and President Biden are fearing just that and have already created a 500-person team via the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and are working California police forces to prevent any truckers from disrupting the upcoming Super Bowl.

The DHS has already issued a warning to U.S. law enforcement that America’s truckers could begin protesting Biden’s vaccine mandates on February 13th which is the same day as the Super Bowl.


This move by the truckers would create massive traffic jams and further disrupt the supply chain.

Furthermore, the DHS and California Highway Patrol are working overtime to secure “extensive air and maritime security resources” to prevent any protest from popping up tomorrow.

When asked about the situation, Jen Psaki stated, “We certainly believe in peaceful protests. Whatever their intended stated purpose, this effort … has the potential to have a huge impact on workers and the American public.”

They sound very scared.