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Supreme Court Backstabs Trump


Trump likely regrets nominating some of these Justices.

It has now been learned that Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney-Barrett just handed President Biden another major victory and denied and emergency block to Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

According to The Hill, Barrett who was tasked with handling specific cases like this acted by herself when making the final decision. She could have referred this issue to the entire Supreme Court however she declined to do so.

Barrett’s decision to help President Biden comes after the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF)¬†urged the Supreme Court to block Biden’s decision to erase mass amounts of student debt.


PLF was turned away several times by lower courts including the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which resulted in the case making its way to the Supreme Court.

Former President Donald Trump hand selected a number of judges to appoint to the Supreme Court and a number of Americans are upset with how the Supreme Court has acted regarding several issues.

This marks another major win for President Biden handed to him by the Supreme Court.