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Top Republican Attacks Trump And Supporters

Top Republican Attacks Trump And Supporters


He said what?!?

As President Trump continues to work towards re-election, a handful of Republicans have turned on him.

Now, former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele has decided to sabotage President Trump’s chances and delivered a shot across the bow to Trump supporters by calling them “stupid.”

According to Breitbart, during and interview with MSNBC, Steele said, “Donald Trump is speaking every night. What do you think Donald Trump is going to say every night? Can we stop pretending that this is going to be a Republican National Convention? This is Donald Trump’s reality TV moment. This is going to be every night just heaps and goo gobs of praise and nothing else. The last three years, nothing bad has happened, and COVID-19 is China’s fault. It’s not anyone else’s, but China’s and the fact that it spread the way it did is because the governors in blue states didn’t listen to Donald Trump. That’s what this is going to be about. ”

Steele then said, “I’ve been a Republican for over 40 years, since 1976. I’ll be damned if I’m going to cede that ground to Donald Trump, who is not now nor has he ever been a Republican. Who is not now nor ever been a conservative. So all y’all want to play this game that Donald Trump is like you, you’re stupid. You’re being played. You’re getting punked. What’s so bad about it is you’re complicit in your own punking.”

Do you think Steele’s highly offensive attack on President Trump’s supporters was justified? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…