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America’s Worst Nightmare Enters 2024 Race?

The Democrats shouldn’t even be allowed to do this.

In a recent article published on Wednesday, Cindy Adams, a columnist for the New York Post, cautioned Americans to brace themselves for the possibility of Michelle Obama entering the 2024 presidential race. Adams suggests that there are plans within the Democratic party to endorse Michelle Obama as the presidential nominee, with Barack Obama playing a pivotal role as the orchestrator of this political movement. The columnist notes that there is a growing push from the Obamas to encourage President Joe Biden to step aside, creating a vacancy that Michelle could potentially fill.

Adams asserts that the clamor for Michelle’s candidacy has intensified, especially given President Biden’s perceived reluctance to engage in debates. She speculates that if Biden were to withdraw, Michelle Obama could step in as a formidable replacement. The article highlights Michelle Obama’s recent appearance on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast, where she expressed fear about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the 2024 election. Michelle emphasized the importance of leadership choices and their impact on the nation.

Former President Barack Obama has also voiced concerns about Biden’s poll numbers and reportedly fears a Trump comeback. According to sources, Obama recognizes the potential for a closely contested race and worries about the implications of a Republican alternative that he deems “dangerous for democracy.” Additionally, reports indicate that Obama has raised questions about the structure of Biden’s re-election campaign, advocating for greater autonomy in decision-making without constant clearance from the White House.

As political dynamics evolve and speculation surrounding Michelle Obama’s entry into the presidential race gains momentum, the 2024 election appears to be taking unexpected turns with the involvement of key political figures and their strategic maneuvers.