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Trump Attacked For Sharing This


This has sparked a lot of controversy.

Donald Trump faced widespread online criticism when he posted a picture depicting him standing before a blazing White House on the morning of the Fourth of July festivities.

According to Newsweek, during the course of the day, the ex-president took to Truth Social and shared numerous posts covering a wide range of topics. These included memes that mocked President Joe Biden, criticisms aimed at Special Counsel Jack Smith, polls that positioned him as the leading candidate in the 2024 GOP primary, and favorable news stories highlighting his own accomplishments.

In a particular post on his social media platform, Trump engaged in “retruthing,” that is, sharing a meme from another account. The meme portrayed him standing before a burning White House, accompanied by the caption “Trump was right.”

On July 4th, the Patriot Takes Twitter account commented, “It’s July 4th and Trump ‘reTruthed’ a picture of what seems to be the White House engulfed in flames.” In response, the @SandalWoodKnot account remarked, “Trump, displaying his unwavering pride and patriotism, celebrates Independence Day by symbolically burning down the White House. Happy Independence Day to all.”


Seth Abramson, an author, journalist, and attorney, took to Twitter and shared the image along with the following message: “On the morning of July 4, 2023, Donald Trump ‘retruthed’ this image. His intention is to instill fear and division among us. He lacks faith in democracy. He has a history of criminal activity and betraying America, and he should be incarcerated rather than appearing on any federal ballot. He poses a significant threat to our nation.”


Amidst his regular influx of social media activity, Trump did take a moment to share some messages on Truth Social, acknowledging and commemorating the Fourth of July festivities.

“Happy FOURTH OF JULY to everyone. We are working hard, we will take back our Country, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The 2024 Election is our LAST GREAT CHANCE,” Trump wrote in another post as well.

Trump not only posted a modified image on Truth Social, featuring himself dressed as a Revolutionary War general, but he also went on to share a video clip of his speech from a recent rally held in Pickens, South Carolina.