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Trump Demands An Apology From Who?


Let’s hope Trump gets the apology he has been asking for!

On Friday evening, former President Trump expressed his belief that those within the White House should issue an apology for the New York hush money case he is currently facing, and he called for the case to be dismissed.

“There is a widespread consensus that the Alvin Bragg investigation into me is a SHAM TRIAL orchestrated from the highest levels of the White House and DOJ. This case should be dropped immediately, and apologies are owed to me and others who have been affected by this Election Interfering Hoax against Joe Biden’s Political Opponent,” Trump stated on his Truth Social platform. “Not nice!!!”

This marks the end of another week in the ongoing trial in New York, where Trump has made history as the first current or former president to be subjected to a criminal trial.


Trump has entered a plea of not guilty to accusations that he falsified business records to conceal a hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, aimed at keeping their alleged affair quiet before the 2016 election.

Due to a gag order related to the case, Trump’s public comments on the “sham trial” have been restricted.

Following his criticisms of the judge’s family and others involved, the gag order limits what Trump can publicly say about the court proceedings and those involved, including key witness Michael Cohen, who provided testimony this week.

This week, Trump has garnered support from GOP members of Congress, many of whom traveled from Washington to New York to criticize the case. They argue that the case constitutes election interference, as it aims to sideline Trump from the campaign trail and out of President Biden’s political path.