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Trump Drops Out?


Get a load of this.

In a surprising turn of events, contributor Myra Adams recently wrote an opinion article on right-leaning new site The Hill where she claims that former President Donald Trump will drop out of the 2024 presidential election due to his “fear” of losing again.

Adams foolishly claimed that the fear of losing instilled into Donald Trump by his father Fred Trump will secretly be is undoing and force him to reconsider another run.

Adams smeared Trump and wrote, “That inability is why Trump can’t let go of 2020 and will tease a 2024 run for as long as possible. But, ultimately, Trump’s fear of losing is likely stronger than his willingness to take the risk.”


She then went as far comparing Trump to former President Grover Cleveland who was the first president to be elected into office nonconsecutively. Something, that Trump is trying to do in 2024. Adams claimed that Trump would be unable to do this because former President Cleveland won the popular vote every time he ran while Trump has not won the the popular vote even once yet.

Adams believes that Trump is only teasing at running in 2024 however deep down he has no plan to.

Many Conservatives and Republican voters on the other hand believe this is a foolish assessment by Adams and strongly believe that Trump is guaranteed to run in 2024.