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Trump Dumps McCarthy


Nobody saw this coming!

In a shocking turn of events, former President Donald Trump dropped a bombshell on the Republican party and said that while he did endorse House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for re-election, he did not endorse McCarthy to become the next House Speaker.

According to Newsmax, on June 4th Trump endorsed McCarthy for re-election and said that he was an “outstanding representative for the people of California” and “tireless advocate for the people of Bakersfield and the Central Valley.”


But in a new interview Trump clarified that he did not endorse McCarthy for the House Speaker role just yet. “No, no, no. I haven’t. No, I endorsed him in his race. But I haven’t endorsed anybody for speaker,” Trump said.

The interview then said that Trump himself should become House Speaker so that he can lead the impeachment of President Biden.

Trump then replied, “No, and I understand that. We have a lot of great relationships in the House … beyond great. We have some great people, and I’ll talk about that at a later date.”