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Trump Family Under New Investigation


When will the attack end?

The leading Democrat on the House Oversight Committee has requested the committee’s chairman to issue a subpoena to Jared Kushner’s investment firm due to concerns about its connections with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to Fox, Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland has expressed apprehensions regarding Jared Kushner’s establishment of Affinity Partners shortly after leaving his position in the White House under former President Donald Trump. Kushner had served as a senior adviser in the administration, alongside his wife Ivanka Trump, and played a significant role in shaping Middle East policies.

In a letter addressed to Chairman James Comer of Kentucky, Raskin raised the issue of potential conflicts of interest arising from Kushner’s financial interests in the Gulf region during his transition from the White House to the private sector. He also questioned the ethical implications of Kushner’s successful interactions with sovereign wealth funds, given his substantial involvement in U.S. foreign policy during the Trump Administration.

During a period when Democrats held the House majority, the Oversight Committee initiated an investigation into a $2 billion investment made in Kushner’s company by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, which is overseen by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This investment occurred six months after Kushner’s departure from the administration.


Despite multiple attempts by Committee Democrats to obtain relevant documents pertaining to Kushner’s foreign business dealings and the associated legal, constitutional, and ethical concerns, both Kushner and his fund have refused to cooperate, according to Raskin. He accused Kushner and his firm of unwarranted obstruction and urged Chairman Comer to exercise his subpoena authority to allow the committee’s investigation to proceed.

Raskin’s letter also implies that he believes Kushner may have misused his position in the Trump administration to benefit himself and his family business. This includes advocating for the ex-president’s state visit to Saudi Arabia and defending Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman internally when facing allegations related to the murder of a U.S.-based journalist.

In response to inquiries from Fox News Digital, a spokesperson for House Oversight Republicans dismissed Raskin’s letter as an attempt to divert attention from the committee’s investigation into the foreign business dealings of the Biden family.

The spokesperson characterized Raskin’s letter as an effort to deflect focus away from mounting evidence of Joe Biden’s family involvement in influence-peddling schemes and accused Raskin of prioritizing defense of the Biden family over genuine concerns about government ethics.