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Trump Targeted Again After FBI Raid


Democrats are doing everything to hurt Trump.

When will this end?!?

It has now been learned that a three-judge panel has just ruled that former President Donald Trump cannot stop Congress from getting his personal tax records!

According to Raw Story, While he was president, Donald Trump’s Department of Treasury did not comply with a request from the House Ways and Means Committee who were asking for his taxes from 2013-2018.

But now that President Biden is in office the Treasury Department reversed itself and said that Trump’s tax returns would be given to Congress and Trump asked a federal court to block the move.


Now the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has decided that Trump can’t keep his tax records private and Congress has a right to see it.

Judge David Sentelle explained, “The Trump Parties have failed to state a claim for the reason that they cannot show that Treasury’s decision to comply with the 2021 Request would not have happened absent a retaliatory motive. The statute provides that ‘the Secretary shall furnish,’ 26 U.S.C. § 6103(f)(1) (emphasis added), the requested information to the Committee upon written request. When the Committee makes a request that is within its authority to make, i.e., within Congress’s investigative power, the Secretary does not have a choice as to whether to provide the information.”

The ruling further said, “The 2021 Request seeks information that may inform the United States House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means as to the efficacy of the Presidential Audit Program, and therefore, was made in furtherance of a subject upon which legislation could be had.”

Democrats refuse to stop the mission to destroy Trump by any means necessary. All this is doing is firing up the Republican voter base. Make sure you cast your vote this midterms.