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Trump Suffers Major Loss?


One GOP Governor is now calling Trump the biggest loser and many Americans disagree.

Georgia’s Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, pathetically labeled former President Trump as “the loser” of the initial primary debate within the 2024 election cycle. Kemp assumed the role of “Celebrity Guest Picker” on the “Ruthless” podcast’s Debate Pregame Show, situated outside Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He kicked off the event with a light-hearted remark, suggesting he might fill in for North Dakota’s Governor, Doug Burgum, who had injured his Achilles while playing basketball and was rushed to the emergency room.

According to Fox, when pressed to predict a “winner” among the eight Republican candidates on the debate stage, Kemp veered the conversation by proposing the option of identifying a “loser” instead. Prior to the debate on Wednesday, Kemp conveyed his thoughts, stating, “I believe each participant here is a winner for entering the race. It takes significant courage to take that step. In my view, the Trump campaign is making an error by not participating. They are, in my opinion, the losers of the night.”

Drawing a parallel, Kemp likened the Trump campaign’s approach to the Atlanta Falcons’ infamous 28-3 lead against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI in 2017, which eventually resulted in a 34-28 win for the Patriots. Kemp remarked, “When you become complacent, employing a defensive strategy, and attempting to manipulate the narrative instead of straightforwardly addressing challenging questions – which, undoubtedly, will be posed to all candidates tonight – you’re bound to face difficulties.”

He continued, “My standpoint is that if you truly possess the strengths you claim, step onto the stage, tackle the questions head-on, engage in the competition, and resolve the issues. This is solely my perspective, not just due to my past disagreements with President Trump. He might have been upset with me, but I haven’t held a grudge against him; it’s merely my way of thinking.”


Co-host Comfortably Smug chimed in, drawing a basketball analogy, “Even when the Chicago Bulls had a commanding lead, Jordan never left the game at halftime. He consistently showed up.” Fellow co-host Josh Holmes concurred, advising Kemp, “In politics, the gravest error is to assume a vote is guaranteed.”

Kemp acknowledged that while others may believe that the former president is pursuing the correct course of action, he shared his viewpoint. He remarked, “Numerous individuals back the former president’s decisions. I’m only presenting my stance. Time will reveal how this unfolds.”

Despite not actively participating in the race, Kemp’s name is circulating as a prospective candidate among certain donors who fear the current roster of White House hopefuls might struggle to defeat Trump in the primaries.

Tensions between Trump and Kemp surfaced following the 2020 presidential election due to Kemp not contesting President Biden’s victory in Georgia. Subsequently, Trump’s bid to oust Kemp in the GOP primary during the 2022 midterms failed. Trump eventually provided a last-minute endorsement of Kemp, who emerged victorious in the rematch against Democratic rival Stacey Abrams after narrowly securing a win in 2018.