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Trump Traitor Faces Wrath Of MAGA


MAGA is standing up to lying Republicans.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition audience gave a cold reception to Chris Christie, a presidential candidate for 2024, when he criticized former President Donald Trump. In his speech, the former governor of New Jersey emphasized the importance of “character,” stating that Trump had disappointed the public by refusing to take responsibility for his mistakes. Recently, the Justice Department indicted the former president for retaining classified documents and potentially violating the Espionage Act.

According to the Washington Examiner, Christie expressed his belief that Trump’s lack of accountability was a failure of leadership, despite receiving boos from the audience. However, Christie claimed that there were also individuals who applauded his remarks. He firmly stood by his assessment of Trump and reminded the crowd of the importance of personal responsibility, garnering more cheers than jeers.

The former governor called out Trump for resorting to his typical mudslinging tactics, even after offering Christie the position of White House chief of staff. Christie highlighted that constantly engaging in disagreements and responding with such treatment only diminishes our country.

After months of speculation, Christie officially announced his presidential campaign on June 6. He aims to emphasize his ability to work across party lines and his victory as a Republican in the predominantly Democratic state of New Jersey in 2009.

Watch Christie get booed: