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Trump Under Attack From Rabid Liberals

Trump Under Attack From Rabid Liberals


The left is absolutely DISGUSTING!

We knew the left wasn’t going to know how to handle themselves after they, with the help of mainstream media, claimed Biden won the 2020 presidential elections. However, this is too far.

Now, according to Conservative figure Dinesh D’Souza, Facebook CHANGED President Trump’s title on their social media site to “Political Candidate” from “President.”

It didn’t stop with Facebook either. Earlier today, the Gateway Pundit reported that liberal reporters actually heckled President Trump after his press conference with Vice President Pence.


Watch as one reporter yells “When will you admit you lost the election, sir?”


One thing is for sure, the world is waiting to see how badly Biden will ruin this country if he does actually take the presidency.

Will Biden Destroy America If He Is In Charge?